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RESTX 0.2.8


Today we are very happy to announce yet another release of RESTX, version 0.2.8.

We took longer than the previous releases, but this release includes its batch of improvements and bug fixes:

  • important improvements in the security area:
  • all resources are now secured by default,
  • the admin console is now also secured,
  • the new restx-security-basic module provides a good default implementation for session management
  • new annotations to configure authorizations on endpoints
  • a sudoing feature allowing to easily test your endpoints from different users perspective, without actually logging as different users
  • a new dedicated security reference doc
  • you can now change the success HTTP code to use, and this is documented in api-docs as well (contributed by fcamblor)
  • new WebException allow to easily break the flow and return an HTTP error code
  • you can now set priority with @Module and @RestxResource annotations
  • many bug fixes

Want to get started now? Check out the related doc.

Upgrading from an earlier version? Please note these breaking changes:

  • all resources being secured by default, if you don’t want to have secured resources use te @PermitAll annotation
  • RestxSession has been moved from restx to package
  • you should now access current user with RestxSession.current().getPrincipal() rather than using the principal entry in the session

And remember that if you have already installed restx you can simply use the shell upgrade command to get the updated version. Enjoy!

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