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Getting Started

Follow these steps to get started in 5 minutes:


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$ curl -Ls | sh
View source OR

Download and add to your PATH.

Install core plugin

$ restx
== WELCOME TO RESTX SHELL - 1.0.0 - type `help` for help
restx> shell install
looking for plugins...
found 3 available plugins
 [  1] io.restx:restx-core-shell:0.2.4
        core commands: generate new app, ...
 [  2] io.restx:restx-build-shell:0.2.4
        build commands: generate pom, ivy, ...
 [  3] io.restx:restx-specs-shell:0.2.4
        specs commands: run a specs server, ...

Which plugin would you like to install (eg '1 3 5')?
installing io.restx:restx-core-shell:0.2.4...
installed io.restx:restx-core-shell:0.2.4
installed 1 plugin, restarting shell to take them into account



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restx> app new
Welcome to RESTX APP bootstrap!
This command will ask you a few questions to generate your app.
For any question you can get help by answering '??'

App name? MyApp
group id [myapp]?
artifact id [myapp]?
main package [myapp]?
version [0.1-SNAPSHOT]?
generate module descriptor (ivy/pom/none/all) [all]?
restx version [1.0.0]?
signature key (to sign cookies) [4695455274730382645 myapp 45cbde67-4700-485b-b0ce-b1b161c0cf94 MyApp]?
default port [8080]?
base path [/api]?
generate hello resource example [Y/n]?
scaffolding app to `~/projects/myapp` ...
generating module.ivy ...
generating pom.xml ...
generating hello resource ...
Congratulations! - Your app is now ready in `~/projects/myapp`

Import in your IDE

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import RESTX project in Intellij IDEA import RESTX project in Eclipse import RESTX project in Netbeans

Launch myapp.AppServer class and open a browser on http://localhost:8080/api/@/ui/ api docs