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Today we are very happy to announce yet another release of RESTX, version

This release is major step in restx development, and is one used during the talks given recently at BordeauxJUG and JUGSummerCamp.

New and Noteworthy

core improvements

  • hot compile / hot reload / auto compile, which makes development cycles super fast
  • option to rename restx cookies, making it possible to deploy several restx app on same domain, and making testing several restx app on localhost more convenient
  • redesigned WebServer modules design, removing the hard coded dependency on jetty, and making web server to use pluggable
  • easy configuration of request / reponse logging at route level with @Verbosity

shell improvements

  • deps install and app run from the shell allow to run your restx app directly from the shell, with no need to setup an IDE or package a war
  • download progress when installing shell plugins
  • app new has more complete generated app, demonstrating security

spec improvements

  • spec test server aka “infinirest”, which allow to continuously run your spec tests (run with spec test server shell command)
  • redesigned UUIDGenerator to make it part of the recording/replay mechanism, and thus make routes using UUID testable with spec tests
  • a new way to provide restx session in spec tests, which do not require to actually calculate the signature, making it much easier to use

api-docs improvements

  • mobile friendly css
  • send & fix feature, which allow to record what you expect the api to do when you find a bug while using the api-docs console
  • grouping of API endpoints in api-docs, with option to show hide the groups, with admin group being hidden by default

factory improvements

  • optional dependencies,
  • provider methods can now throw exceptions
  • conditional components with @When


And many bug fixes and minor improvements


Thanks a lot to the community who made this possible, especially Frédéric Camblor who joined the team as a new committer, and the contributors to this release Maarten Mulders and Arnaud Héritier.

Getting started / Upgrading

Want to get started now? Check out the related doc.

Upgrading from an earlier version? Please note these breaking changes:

  • RestxSpecRule constructor has changed and no longer take any parameters

Warning: to upgrade the shell you can use the shell upgrade command, but then you will need to remove your plugins with rm -rf ~/.restx/plugins and reinstall them. This manual step should be removed in next version.

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