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RESTX 0.31


Today we are very happy to announce release 0.31 of RESTX, the lightweight, modular, feature rich, blazing fast and open source Java REST framework.

This release is a major release with close to 200 commits!

New and Noteworthy

core improvements

  • better error reporting when problems occur during server startup
  • replaced jamon with codahale metrics
  • introduced AutoStartable components, to have better control over components lifecycle
  • add support for Optional return type in settings methods
  • add support for new path param definitions (support regex and angular notation)
  • add client affinity support, allowing easier testing with easy overriding of components
  • add new context params, including access to browser preferred Locale
  • support for @Consumes and @Produces annotations (inspired by JAX-RS)
  • allow to set Jackson view used to marshall response
  • review UUIDGenerator management, you can now get one injected without having to defining it
  • give access to underlying native request and response objects
  • review how time is handled to make it compliant with parallel tests
  • better support for running a restx app behind a reverse proxy
  • add 2 new lifecycle events, called with entity routes only
  • components can now be used as jackson objects (serializer, deser, …)


  • allow to easily test authenticated requests with HttpTestClient
  • principals can now have a * role which allow to access endpoints whatever role is required
  • provide a FileUserRepository to easily implement basic but functional user repository
  • ease jongo based user repository implementation
  • add support for http basic auth
  • add RestxSessionBareFilter which allow to implement RestxSession based security with no cookies
  • allow using servlet principal as restx principal
  • fix and improvements to CORS support

web console

  • improved monitoring web console, with jvm metrics and option to report to graphite
  • log admin console to view logs and configure loggers
  • add session stats view to monitoring console
  • new sources web console allow to view and edit application sources


  • improve UI: better results display + play button to run a test manually
  • parallellize tests execution

shell improvements

  • review default logback configuration in generated app
  • auto deps install on app run if md.restx.json has changed
  • better documentation with a man for all commands
  • add deps add command, allowing to easily declare new dependencies in restx apps
  • add ‘app grab’ to easily install a packaged restx app
  • add hash command allowing to easily calculate some hashes
  • use new FileUserRepository in generated app
  • allow to change the location where app is generated

api-docs improvements

  • add json schema view and link to it for body param and response data
  • add link to endpoint sources
  • do not display related operations and use button when no related operation is found
  • ‘save’ selected groups in query string, so that selected groups are bookmarkable

factory improvements

  • improved error reporting, with better dependencies report on failure and other improvements
  • derecursify components building process, making call stacks much more readable, amd improving performance
  • provide an easy to deactivate any component


  • new samplest module, used both as sample and automatic test of many restx features
  • several performance related improvements
  • get rid of all java compilation warnings
  • upgrade to jongo 1.0 + jackson 2.3.0 + bson4jackson 2.3.0
  • move from spullara.mustache to jmustache
  • many bug fixes


Thanks a lot to the community who made this possible, especially the contributors to this release:

Getting started / Upgrading

Want to get started now? Check out the related doc.

Upgrading from an earlier version?

  • you just need to run restx shell upgrade to upgrade your shell and plugins.
  • in your projects you just need to update restx.version to 0.31 in your dependency descriptor
  • in your code you may have to adapt to some breaking changes

You can check commits introducing breaking changes:

  • c1c33857b083ab265e27503f8edbe60e2f04b35c spec: review recorder design [BREAKING]
  • 4a853f176acfba4517041d2267b5390a53888a52 core: review UUIDGenerator management [BREAKING]
  • 74aef8b65e2e8abfac3d9484477f86a818cfcf67 errors: review API: use a provided UUIDGenerator instead of “current” one [BREAKING]
  • 8ed182dda009bfd9a408cd4c51922610ea80ee87 core: review programmatic API to build a router [BREAKING]
  • bc4c000f70c81ec30c3e9fd9c9dc89cb94b542b3 mongo: review jongo / mongo responsibilties [BREAKING]
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