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RESTX 0.32


Today we are very happy to announce release 0.32 of RESTX, the lightweight, modular, feature rich, blazing fast and open source Java REST framework.

New and Noteworthy

core improvements

  • Java 8 support: RESTX has been tested against Java 8, and allow to select Java 8 when generating an app
  • introduced AutoPreparable components, adding finer grain lifecycle for components
  • introduce RestxResponse.getCharset() in API
  • Review cookie signing implementation with a new concept of “signer”, giving more flexibility


  • easy app archiving with the new app archive command, compatible with app grab (details)
  • added an unsecured resource to generated app for easier hello world test
  • added settings loading in generated app
  • use prod mode in generated start script


  • added new json comparison / assertion feature, to replace the one previously used which was too limited when comparing large json

Jongo / MongoDB

  • Support EmbedMongo (PR 80)


  • New i18n module, providing easy i18n support, together with an i18n admin module to hot edit i18n translations from the admin console
  • Modify jetty max threads to auto adapt to number of available cores (PR 77)
  • added some build / contribution documentation to the project README
  • trace all throwables thrown on main router route call
  • improve error message on unauthorized proxy request
  • small error reporting improvement in factory
  • refactored Annotation Processors

bug fixes

  • error on host detection when run behind multiple proxies
  • review dependency on servlet API, to avoid servlet API conflicts
  • don’t fail when failing to load cold classes
  • bug with browser autofill in console admin login page
  • fix helper to build startWith / ignoreCase patterns


Thanks a lot to the community who made this possible, especially the contributors to this release:

Getting started / Upgrading

Want to get started now? Check out the related doc.

Upgrading from an earlier version?

  • you just need to run restx shell upgrade to upgrade your shell and plugins.
  • in your projects you just need to update restx.version to 0.32 in your dependency descriptor
  • in your code you may have to adapt to some breaking changes

You can check commits introducing breaking changes:

  • b2d5c3a2bd5fc1217be5c66480876a5dd8c542f9 core - introduce RestxResponse.getCharset() [BREAKING]
  • ece3939454dcae09dab9e23450167f37cb754a3d core - try to close response as soon as possible [BREAKING]
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