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RESTX 0.34


Today we are very happy to announce release 0.34 of RESTX, the lightweight, modular, feature rich, blazing fast and open source Java REST framework.

New and Noteworthy


  • 8d78654 Allows asClass in conditional components
  • f1d5b05 Allow @When at class level in modules
  • 05bcab4 Allow conditional components in module
  • a8ef2c6 Allow Alternative to be used in modules
  • e6cde56 Add a wrapper to filter a warehouse
  • 189179a introduce DeactivationFactoryMachine to easily deactivate components
  • d2bcae6 CompilationManager becomes Closeable
  • 59454c0 Introduces a new coalescor for FileWatchEvent only


  • 986ba8c Use webjars in admin UI
  • f32586e Allowing to provide cache policies on ResourcesRoute
  • 62f734b Allow to plug other cache mechanisms for RestxSession #141
  • c2a5fc6 Improve generics parameter handling on routes
  • a7cc0ea Add ‘prefix’ graphite parameter : value prepended to all metrics names which are sent to graphite


  • a516b4e Support for validation groups with @ValidatedFor
  • 616a005 validation - Providing el api & impl dependencies in restx-validation, in order to make interpolation work in validation error messages (like @Size)


  • 1a48982 added a method to ModuleDescriptor that checks for classifiers


  • bc13b80 refactor: move Settings processor to factory
  • ffbda71 refactor: move restx.config from core to factory
  • 76b034b refactor: Warehouse -> StdWarehouse
  • 3a25964 Extracted RestxServerRule setup/teardown into dedicated public methods, allowing to use this class outside a junit scope (for instance, for benchmarking)
  • ee1545f refactor: use Conditional keyword instead of Alternative in processor


  • 01b5227 upgrade metrics to dropwizard metrics 3.1.0
  • 4afdbce Provided some plugin commented code to debug annotation processing on samplest module
  • 7a82e6e replace newLinkedHashSet by an ImmutableSet.copyOf when returning components
  • 6378fa6 [server] - allow overriding of JettyWebServer subcomponents creation
  • 679c273 [STATS] get app name from rather than restx.appName
  • e076409 add debug log when setting cookie
  • f756689 add an example of AutoCloseable component
  • 68381e5 [minor] don’t include stat module when generating test app
  • 7339bc2 cleanup log about baseUri when deployed on non embedded server
  • e1a8a7f Added grunt test to
  • 0b3d9cc introduces TypeReference abstract class


  • a872170 FIX improper use of module id - #113
  • eb9a061 FIX: JongoCollectionFactory wrong canBuild condition
  • 98f97f1 FIX: don’t list routers in api docs index that can’t be loaded by api declaration route (Fixes #130)
  • 168ebfc FIX: generated start.bat uses invalid path separator #144
  • b22dd96 FIX java.lang.NullPointerException when no java compiler available (fixes #107)
  • a23cd73 in prod mode for some URLs (fixes #126)
  • 154dfc5 FIX: app run not working on Windows #115
  • a49f9f5 [Admin] FIX: warehouse view was broken (layout issue and vertices missing)
  • a32a726 FIX: FixedPrecision annotated element is not always a Field
  • 9c5ffc4 FIX: sometimes system property values are not Strings
  • 352c463 FIX: AutoCloseables are not called on servlet destroy (Fixes #119)
  • da0a80d FIX: some issues with priority not being propagated to components
  • bea3aad FIX: Missing Access-Control-Allow-Origin header after CORS preflight request (fixes #116)


Thanks a lot to the community who made this possible, especially the contributors to this release:

We welcomed Augustin Peyrard as a new committer on the project, growing the community of committers.

Getting started / Upgrading

Want to get started now? Check out the related doc.

Upgrading from an earlier version?

  • in your projects you just need to update restx.version to 0.34 in your dependency descriptor
  • in your code you might have to adapt to some breaking changes (see below)
  • in the shell, run shell upgrade to upgrade your shell and plugins. Note: a breaking change in this version may make the shell to fail after the upgrade. In such case delete the jars in your .restx/plugins directory, or reinstall from scratch.

You can check commits introducing breaking changes:

  • 91891fe validation - Updated name for default Validator (from “validator” to “hibernate.validator”) [BREAKING]
  • 6989675 validation - Extracting hibernate validator dependency from restx-core to new restx-validation module. [BREAKING]
  • 6b440af validation - Considering Validator components as optional components [BREAKING]
  • 76b034b refactor: Warehouse -> StdWarehouse [BREAKING]
  • 378893b 19cf4a2 - Allow to plug other cache mechanisms for RestxSession #141 [BREAKING]
  • bd95736 EventCoalescor is now abstract and generified [BREAKING]
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