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RESTX 0.35.1


Today we are very happy to announce release 0.35.1 of RESTX, the lightweight, modular, feature rich, blazing fast and open source Java REST framework.

New and Noteworthy

This version is a 0.35 bugfix release aiming at fixing 2 things :

  • Rolled back upgrade for jongo / mongo-java-driver / bson4jackson introduced in 0.35 as we met some major regressions during this move (see Pull Request #289 for precisions)
    Details on version changes :
    • jongo@1.3.0 => jongo@1.1
    • mongo-java-driver@3.4.0 => mongo-java-driver@2.11.3
    • bson4jackson@2.7.0 => bson4jackson@2.3.1
  • Fixing compilation errors when annotations with default values (like @NotNull) or Class<PARAM> field type were used ont RestxResources
    More precision on Pull Request #286


Getting started / Upgrading

Want to get started now? Check out the related doc.

Upgrading from an earlier version?

  • in your projects you just need to update restx.version to 0.35.1 in your dependency descriptor
  • in your code you might have to adapt to some breaking changes (see below)
  • in the shell, run shell upgrade to upgrade your shell and plugins.


Those breaking are likely to be hit by any existing RestX project. Consider those as a “migration guide” to apply on your project :

  • 44084b7 Downgraded mongo java driver from 3.4.0 to 2.11.3


Thanks a lot to the community who made this possible, especially the contributors to this release:

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