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RESTX 1.1.0


Today we are very happy to announce release RESTX 1.1.0.


  • Fixed injection of interface dependencies with Kotlin Sets.
    Note: In Java, it was already possible to have an interface Set injected, but this was not the case in Kotlin.
  • JVM metrics were no longer displayed on the RESTX UI since 1.0.0.
  • Added an Optional.isPresent() in the cache invalidation in RestxSession, which could sometimes lead to the error “Optional.get() cannot be called on an absent value”.


  • Added a RestxRequest.getHeaders() method on the RestxRequest interface.
  • Added the ability to create “Criteria” objects to avoid too many QueryParams on a resource (thanks Frédéric and Nicolas).
    • Example: If you have 10 query params on a resource, you can group them together in a single object and RESTX will manage to put all the query params in the object.
  • Added RestxSession.invalidatePrincipal() and RestxSession.invalidate() methods to facilitate cache invalidation on RESTX in the RestxSession.
  • Add public keyword in RestxSession on some methods to avoid overloading RestxSession (and thus avoiding the package-private issue).


  • Servlet 5.0 updated to 6.0.
  • Jetty 11 updated to 12.
  • Tomcat 10.0 updated to 10.1.
  • Hibernate, Logback, SLF4J-API, SnakeYAML, Metrics Dropwizard dependencies updated.
  • RESTX UI updated to the latest version of AngularJS.

Getting started / Upgrading

Want to get started now? Check out the related doc.

Upgrading from an earlier version?

  • You need to update restx.version to 1.1.0.
  • Your project should now use Java 17 to work since RESTX 1.0.0.


Thanks a lot to the community who made this possible, especially the contributors to this release:

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